Areas of Expertise include
Hardware Design including microprocessors and microcontrollers Quick-turn concept prototyping Cost reduction engineering Wireless communications including local and wide- area networks Troubleshooting and design problem-solving Telecommunications Function test system design and implementation Low-level software development

Innovation Design and Solutions provides electronic design

and product development services with a unique perspective and

results-oriented approach. We offer either turnkey product development or

consultation with your in-house development team. Our strategy is to realize a

complete understanding of our customer's project and business goals as part of the

intake process. This permits us to fully utilize existing technologies, and at the same

time helps identify unachievable expectations before the project begins.

Services we provide include: Project Analysis and Planning - Pre-initiation review of your project examining goals, technologies to be applied, ROI review, resource and development cycle analysis. Product Enhancements - Enhancement and feature extension of either commercially available or client-proprietary products to achieve project goals quickly and with minimal expense. New Product Development - Execution of your product concept from preparing initial specifications through design, development, selection of manufacturer, and production startup. Quick-Turn Prototyping - Fast turnaround of limited-functionality product prototypes to validate concepts, facilitate focus group studies, or attract investors. Troubleshooting and Issue Resolution - functional and regulatory compliance issues addressed and resolved with sensitivity to manufacturability and the need for rapid execution.  
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