Case Studies

WAN-enabled POS Inventory Tracking System Developed standalone device to track product levels via sonar ranging and report data to a central server via GSM or CDMA cellular networks. Significant cost savings achieved via improved scheduling of product replenishment deliveries Web Interface for Satellite Uplink Designed web-based user interface for legacy satellite uplink frequency converter. Design later extended to support Telnet and SNMP access. A table-driven software architecture permitted adaptation to other devices in the client's product line. Black-box architecture permitted easy integration with no impact on existing product design. Wireless Lamp Signaling Repeater Produced a minimal cost prototype as a feasibility study and marketing tool for the patent holder of a unique motorcycle safety accessory. Modem Bank Security System Created a call discriminator to analyze incoming calls to a modem bank and disconnect unauthorized logins via an analysis not available through the attached mainframe. System cost was recouped in three months through reduced telephone charges. Minimal-Footprint Multichannel FIFO Redesigned implementation of a RAM-based FIFO using internal memory-stored pointers, allowing the design to fit in a legacy FPGA. Refrigerator Monitoring System Developed controller for food industry walk-in refrigeration monitoring system, including control via web interface and alarm condition reporting. Gigabit Ethernet Implementation Integrated purchased Ethernet FPGA core with existing peripheral card design, including creating low-level device drivers to interface with RTOS. Low Cost Coaxial Switch System Created multidrop coaxial relay controller, including fault detection and reporting. Later added new features not originally specified by rewriting portions of firmware in assembly language to permit fit in existing microcontroller. Ethernet Chaining Feature Repurposed spare Ethernet port to permit use as a mini-hub, allowing multiple devices to be chained without additional hardware. Pressure Altitude Alert Created prototype for a portable Altitude Deviation alert for General Aviation application. Software-based auto-ranging permitted using microcontroller's embedded ADC rather than a more costly external device. Your product Call now for a free initial consultation   
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